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bye. "fox and friends" starts right now. ♪ >> gretchen: tgif, everyone. it is friday, good morning, and i am gretchen carlson. where was the help when four americans were fighting for their lives in libya? we now know there was no help. brand new details on how the administratio failed to send back up and how four men were left to die. >> steve: millions of people still in the dark and lining up for miles just to file up the gas tanks and gas cans . so what is the president and newest cheerleader, michael bloomburg doing about it? the president is in vegas and the president is preparing for a mara thon. >> eric: four days left until the election. head honchos at 30 rock about to show support for the
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president in a big way. we'll explain as "fox and friends" starts right now. ♪ ♪ "fox and friends". >> steve: thank you very much. we needed a translator. eric is in for brian. >> gretchen: we have more shocking details about the benghazi details. a guard hired to protect americans, may have been working with terrorist. peter doocy is got the latest. >> that's right. gretchen, the local police force may have been taking pictures of the target and passing them along to the terrorist. hours before the terrorist disappeared, one of the guards noticed that the local police force was acting suspiciously .
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he reported it and someone drafted a letter said the person was photographing the inside and was part of the police unit sent to protect the mission . that draft was found by journalist sniffing around the compound last week. last night we learned that top state department officials did not send a foreign emergency support team like they sent on the uss cole bombing and in the bombings in the embassy in tans nia. one official said a better response approach being have allowed the f.b.i. to acess the site sooner than the 24 days it would eventually take. but the most senior people of government worked on it. secretary of defense chairman of the joint cheats and
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secretary of state and senator john mccain looks at this and said clearly the administration acted this way to hide something. >> this is a classic scandal where almost every day and another shoe drops. i think it could be bad as water gate and one of our veterans said no one died in water gate. they have a point. >> yesterday white house press secretary jay carny said the president is anticipating the results of the f.b.i.'s investigation. back to you. >> gretchen: just to carry this story further. we saw the spokesperson for the state department said that the highest level of people were involved in this. i am not so sure that is a good admission to make. if the highest people were involved including the secretary of state and secretary of defense and possibly the vice-president
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and president, and all of this happened on their watch. i am not sure it is good to admit. >> steve: it is clrer and clearer that mistakes were made leading up to it and that night as well and what do they do. big election. let's go ahead and have a cover up now they are stone walling. rudy guiliani looked at the information peter delivered and what we told you they had an emergency meeting and told washington, there is a bunch of insurgents in training camps. if they attack us and can't protect us. rudiual jul doesn't see a smoking gubut something big are than that. >> this is's situation that didn't have to happen. you don't need more smoking gun. to me it was a smoking cannon and when they blew a hole in the consulate wall and now all
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of the sudden, we don't give them more security and we reduce the security and we get surprised on september 12th that it was attacked. it was attacked before and no one requested the president of the united states. >> they asked for security was denied. >> the president is leak a prince off somewhere. did the president of the united states know his consulate was attacked twice . one time in june when they blew a hole in the wall and did you sploy more security? >> there is a couple of narratives here . mayor guiliani said there were security problems and they didn't help them out then the second narrative, did they know what was going on. clearly the reports show they knew something was going on. something came out last night. we learned that the attacks,
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the annex was attacked by heavy gunfire. don't forget what this means, next two or three weeks after the attacks, the obama administration and state department and inteleto a certain degree blamed a movie knowing very well it was a coordinated attack on the consulate andanex and this information proves it was a massive cover up. >> steve: you know, gretch, alluded to this leading into peter. it is a drip, drip, drip of new information coming out and it would be a bigger story if the media pecked tup. but hurricane sandy came along. >> gretchen: they were not covering it more. >> steve: they had stuff in the washington post and daily beast and mr. lakey is after it, but we may never know what really happened.
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and the other big story hurricane sandy turning more deadly . death toll at 90 can that number could climb. four and half million people are still without electricity. most of them in new york and in new jersey. one of the hardest places hit was staten island, new york. flood waters fill would homes and strong winds ripped the homes off of foundation and there are bodies in the water and have you seen fema out there? anais live this morning. >> good morning to you steve. we are in staten island and you can see hurricane sandy's storm surge pop the boats up and put them on cars and toppled street lights and now they are blocking . debris in the folks lawns. aid has been super slow to come. hundreds of people are still
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in shelters and once those close, they will not have anywhere to go. >> 42 years, i had my home, and that monster -- it took it the >> i have no where to go and i don't have clothes. all of the clothes that i have on they gave it to me in the center. >> sad story to support a mother surviving after sons brandon and sucked from her home. their suv had stall they were trying to get help. the little boy's bodies found 100 feet from her yesterday in the marsh. brandon and colin two of the 19 victims in staten ooh land and 14 victims in the five bureaus. police are stressing that death tollcould go up. homeland security secretary
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janet napolitano plans on surveying the area today. >> gretchen: tragic photo of that mother with her husband who went for help and apparently people did not help her when she tried to find the kids . she rode out the storm outside. you would think that the politicians and president and mayor of new york, it would be rescue mission and getting these people back to homes and getting them fed, nope, instead unbelievablably the new york city mara thon goes on sunday. most important picture on the cover of the new york post the gen rators are putting electricity to tents in central park instead of the entire area of staten island or long island. that area has no power or home or shelter, nothing. >> steve: it is here in new york city and streets of
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midtown are fill would of people who are here for the mara thon that is here this weekend. and politicians said why didn't they cancel it. we understand millions of dollars come in the city. but still, we have people in the water in new york city. it is the worst storm to ever hit new york city, eric, why is it going on? if rudy guiliani was the mayor of new york city. those generators would not be parked outside of a tent in central park they would be in staten island. >> eric: number one the morgs on staten island. they are using make shift morgs-- morgues. and mark them in the gas stations where the lines are long. only a few have power . number three getting power to people.
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like those people . we have no clothes. we can't get back in our homes. new york city mara thon can be done couple of weeks down the road. >> gretchen: at the same time michael bloomburg endorsed president obama because of climate policies? that from a economic guy who earned and made billions out of his own brilliance to pick climate change as the reason right now? that was related to the storm? >> eric: you know what that is related to? it was a deal that went down before the storm happened. bloomburg at this date you are going come out and endorse president obama and tie it to climate change. that is a back door deal . no one in their right mind would say i am endorsing president obama because of a climate change stance. that is crazy town.
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>> steve: we sound frustrate we are. there are reports here in new york city people don't have food they are dumpster dive looters and people using blackberries and iphones as flash lights and people are stealing them from them it is extraordinary situation . >> gretchen: a lot like hurricane katrina. they saw all of the dead bodies afterwards. >> steve: if this was a republican president do you think that the main stream media would handle it differently? the president's photop in new jersey is now in las vegas. >> eric: i love chris christy and he did victory laps with president obama and for fema, but where is fema? i am in favor of letting the states handle all of these things. but if you are going to do victory laps and say fema is the greatest institution in the last four or five years,
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they better be here. i haven't seen anything. not a thing. it is a disaster over there. >> gretchen: we have much to discuss this morning! in the meantime a fight for -- >> steve: fuel. >> gretchen: you know beha, we have so much to tuke about. >> steve: gas line in new jersey two miles line. >> gretchen: and the obama administration failing to call in back up as four americans attacked in libya. we'll continue to focus. did the white house leave them to die? former army chief-of-staff jack king is here to react. >> steve: media bias exist and proof is in the numbers and we have got them! ♪ ♪
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>> breaking new in libya overnight. fox news confirmed that the obama administration did not convene with the top terrorism group in the attack in u.s. consulate in benghazi . fox learned that the administration did not call on the only response team that may have been able to intervene in the attack. joining me is joint vice army chief-of-staff . general, if this is true, would that team have been able to make a difference? if this team went in benghazi and in the consulate could they have possibly saved two or four lives? >> it depends on where they were coming from. here's what did happen. national security apratus who had responsibility from a security aspect to respond to the crisis.
3:18 am
the most classified force on the highest state of readiness was removed to the united states and they bring with them aircraft and helicopters and c17s . another special operation's force was moved out of europe as well. the fact of the matter cia base was evacuated to their arrival and they were never employed. >> eric: we had assets in thatanex and they took artillery fire . we have asset in tripoli and response in the consulate earlier than sooner boy, they haven't showed up yet. >> no, the fact of the matter what took place in response to the consulate and cia base was significant from inside of the country and reality quick
3:19 am
response force that came out of the cia base moved in 24 minutes and we know for a fact based on surveillance tapes from the time consulate called for help and what those people did miraclous and courageous in rescuing those people that were still alive. it was moved from tripoli and moved to the base that was attacked for four hours and safely evacuate them to the airport. >> eric: general, all of these thingings were done via order and had to come from cia, state department and inteleor the white house, does that not tell you because so much maneuvering going on that there was a cover up in the weeks and months after the attack, because the white house blamed the movie for a long time? >> i think eric, my
3:20 am
frustration is i think it is appalling after a incident of this magnitude. a consulate destroyed ambassador kill cia base evacuated i don't have a precedent basod my years that the president and security team did not come before the american people and explain what happened and the decision and what they are doing about it. >> eric: general, cover up, yes or no? >> i don't use that term what i use the term, they did not inform the american people about what took place on. >> eric: lack of trance parency. thank you, sir. next on the run down, a cand date wins the popular vote they win the electoral college, but maybe not this year? what kind can you have?
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>> steve: it will be the last major report card on the economy. the labor department releases monthly unemployment rate. right now it stands at 7.8 percent. economist expect it to go up to 7.9 percent. it is estimated that employers added 125,000 jobs last month and that is up from september and fall short of what is needed to cut the jobless rate. we'll bring that number to you live as it is released from
3:25 am
washington. meanwhile new accusations. votes switched from mitt romney to obama. rnc learned of cases in nevadathey are asking the states to recalibrate all of the machines. and have additional technician on hand and use signs to make sure people check their vote. there is no evidence of problems but check your ballot, gretch. >> gretchen: 47 out of 51 times the presidential candidate who won the popular vote has won the electoral. experts believe that mitt romney will win the popular and president obama will take the electoral college and win the white house. can that happen again? what do you think about that,
3:26 am
pete? >> i think and firmly believe that mitt romney will win the popular vote and i also believe he will win the electoral vote and i think he may win running away. these are the rules that we play by. we know that the country is a republic and it is governed boy a electoral college and focusing in on ohio, florida and virginia and i am chairman of the campaign and we intend to take those swing states. >> gretchen: you need a certain number of electorial vote to win the presidency. the projection is obama 290 and obama 248 and popular vote romney would win. if that happens again and having just happened in the last decade, wouldn't there be hysteria about changing the system? >> i think some people would
3:27 am
gripe. that happened in the bush-gore election. but you know what, we republicans and most independents play by the rules and everyone knew the rules going into the presidential election electtoral map matters most. and i don't think that i would certainly hope that there would not be a lot of people whining out there. what is brewing in america is going to be enough and plenty to lift mitt romney up . >> gretchen: being what else was brewing was hurricane sandy. what will the be of the storm and people getting out to vote or do you think it will change the way in which people vote? >> i think it possibly could. you look at common wealth of virginia our great governor did a terrific job of handling the storm and we were not hit as hard as new york and new
3:28 am
jersey. gretchen, i share the outrage you and others at "fox and friends" had what is happening in new york city. i actually, my boss used to be rudy guiliani a metropolitanor of mine and he would not stand to have bodies in staten island. where is the federal government and michael bloomburg cozying up to president obama saying climate change is why he is epidorsing him? it is preposterous what is happen no one except folks news is reporting it. >> gretchen: thank you, we'll see you soon. coming up next, not exactly a report. one of the people on the jobs counsel throwing his support to mitt romney. head honchos are about to show the support for president while raising money to victims. happy birthday to stephanie powers. she's 70.
3:29 am
she was on hart to hart. ♪ ♪
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>> gretchen: welcome back. military trucks will be polling centers in parts of new jersey slammed by monster
3:33 am
storm, sandy. it will be put on places that lost power as long as they are accessible. new jersey extending the dead line for mail in ballots until today. this as a massive clean up continues. here's all of the details. >> this is another town on the jersey shore where the streetts were swallowed up by sea water and left behind many inches of heavy and weight sand. there is more to be done. there was a driving curfew in place because the roads are too treacherous. folks can lookk at their homes yesterday when the evacuation orders were lifted. there is widespread damage. and the boardwalk which is beloved fared. but not a lot of businesses expected to be open. there is widespread out ages.
3:34 am
like many places in the jersey shore there is so much to be done. important to say here in new jersey getting gasoline is very, very difficult. up to 60 percent of the gas leanns don't have power or fuel and that is frustrating for the folks trying to keep generators runn fill up cars. back to you. >> steve: in my town one gas station open and only fill up generator gas cans and you have to show id and if you are in line and from another town they will not give you gas. >> eric: people are fighting for their line in the gas line it is not 60 percent or 40 percent. it is one out of every 15 gas stations is open and no power and then the one that has gas and power they run out of the gas. it is not north korea or a communist country, they should
3:35 am
get in there and get generators in the gas station. where are you fema? >> gretchen: will it improve if the big rigs come back in new york city. >> steve: they have to have power at the pumps. they need power to power the putches get a million gas can. you can't buy a gas can. you can't get one. bring gas cans and bring up and hand them out like food linings. come on. >> steve: yesterday there was a guy. some of the lines in new jersey two miles long. a guy in the line who pulled a gun on another guy and he was arrested. these are live pictures this morning. channel fief reporter heart breakinglyy. i was driving by the dunkin donuts in 208 in new jersey where there was at least 100
3:36 am
cars in line and they ran out of cas go. >> eric: the fod supply is going to be put at risk. it is not going to be kept cool or safe. this is going to be bigger and bigger. >> gretchen: just like katrina. where the initial report on it that it was pass no big deal and then you saw the aftermath that got worse and worse. >> steve: and there is looting. people who are robbing people at atm machines. i wrote it down. 18 people arrested in coney island. they broke in stores and 15 in the rock aways. interestingly enough. one of the judges in new york setting the bail on people who broke in the stores $100,000. first time offenders. message is don't loot. >> eric: the area is not ready, jers jerss is not ready and parts of connecticut are not ready. they are certainly not ready
3:37 am
for did you hear what nbc decide to do in nbc good intention to raise money for victims. but the timing is more than suspect. they will put together what they are calling hurricane sandy, coming together concert, a concert. but the question. bon jovi bruce stren and i think billy joel. why the timingwhy is that today in half of the state ofiersiers can't watch the concert. is this popular -- more political and get it on before the election to make president obama look presidential or help out victims? >> steve: they are trying to squeeze things in. bon jovi and bruce springsteen support barack obama and in fact mr. springsteen traveled with the president of the united states. where are the conservative performers?
3:38 am
there are not any on the line up. when nbc did the event for katrina, do you remember kan ye west where he said george bush doesn't care about black people? how is nbc -- that is the picture right there. how isng to control it? rickk rickk i am sorry, gretchen last one for hurricane katrina was 10 days after. at leastt. maybe 9/11 and 10 days after and let the city get its feet under itself before they went to this is a rushed job because the election is three days after. >> steve: is it a hurricane benefit or a concert for obama? >> gretchen: headlines this morning. he may be on obama's job council but supporting romney.
3:39 am
paul otillini. he critized the president for not doing more to create jobs and a stimulus plan. the president's job's council hasn't met since january. >> eric: hits keep coming on lance armstrong. if he doped in the 2000 olympicses in sydney where he won the bronze. they will have to look at whether the eight year oat statue revision applies to lance armstrong or not. he was stripped of his 7 tour de frances. and the doping agency said he particular part in the most sophisticated scandal that cycling had ever seen. >> eric: hundai in trouble for overstating the gas mileage. many models were rocked with the wrong fuel economy figures.
3:40 am
the automakers have to change it and may out millions to 900,000 car owners. no word on if they will be fined or if a criminal investigation is underway. gretch. >> gretchen: so much for the doggie in the window. banning pet shops banned from selling pets from breeders. the measure will save the lives and shop owners say it is unfair and will risk their livelihood. la is the only one with this ban. >> eric: there is a lot of shelter dogs that need home. >> gretchen: think media bias doesn't exist? we'll show you the numbers next. >> steve: romm rom said we are on the path to greece. there are new numbers to prove he mayy be right.
3:41 am
stewart varney will present them. stewart, smile, it is friday. ♪ ♪ [ woman ] we had two tiny reasons
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now's the time. visit or call 1-800-medicare. ♪ >> steve: it is it a fight for gas in the wake of sandy and it is getting uglier as people wait for hour to fill up the tank. here is a look at the desperation situation there. >> it is ugly in long island. this is petro who is charging 5.99 a gallon. lights are all out and they were up and operating at 3:30 a.m. . there was over 78 cars in the line and they shut it off because we came here and they saw the fox news truck and they panicked. people waiting three-four hours and they are so fruss traited because of what
3:45 am
happened. we'll pan on the other side of the turnpike another line citco that just opened up shell gas station and the sad thing here, people are waiting on this line and they only will realize that the pumps are out of the fuel. i talked to a manager at hel down the block . we expect an arrival but when will that happen. people are sleeping in l car waiting there in hopes to get gas. price gouging in elmont, longg long and helping. 5.99 a gallon and people are willing to pay. a few people mentioned they were willingg to pay over 20 a gallon. people have to go to work and thingings to do . they really are concerned about this . we are concerned and we'll bring you more later on and find more of the gas stations taking advantage. it is a sad situation .
3:46 am
>> it is desperate and in my town they will only sell you $20 worth of gas. that will not get you anywhere. >> there was no cap but some are doing that, steve. >> steve: thank you for the live shot from long island. eric and gretch, back to you. >> gretchen: governor mitt romney laid out a prediction for the second term. >> two different paths. one is a path represented by the president. 20 trillion in debt and heading toward greece. i will get us on track to a balanced budget. >> eric: new white house data supports mitt romney's claim. stewart varney. 20 trillions line a lot. >> 20.3 trillion to be precise and these are the white house's own number. office of manage and budget. you follow president obama's
3:47 am
path and you get to 18 trillion. and 19 in 15. and 20.3 trillion in the yearr 20 16. that's using the president's budget path and that is the white house's own numbers and using extra trillion in debt in each of the next four years in a second obama term. >> gretchen: when the president took office and do a comparison. in 2009 it was 10.6 trillion and now cane.1. >> no. it is 16.225 trillion. >> gretchen: it is going so fast. ip want to make a point that the president's own projection is 20 trillion in 2016. i think it would be more and worse than that. the president's plan is to raise taxings. that's how he will conduct economic policy.
3:48 am
you raise taxes on a weak economy and you weaken the economy even more and therefore you produce less revenue. >> gretchen: that is just a projectio and if he would get power in congress you don't know what other policiless would come in place. hard to predict. >> you don't know how much taxings he would raise on the so-call would rich. what have we got after four years of runnning up the debt from 6 trillion to cane.2 trillion >> eric: unemployment rate close to 8 percent x. economy growing less than two percent a year and that is five and half trillion in extra debt. these are not happy times for america's finances. >> gretchen: it is always happier for us when you top by and happier on the fox business network. you need to show teeth look at
3:49 am
your >> okay. british teeth, are you crazy in >> eric: one state ready to give illegal immigrants tuition. and who is paying for it? the legall students. is that fair? >> gretchen: big winners in country music's biggest night. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] every day, thousands of people like you, are choosing advil® because helps you keep doing what you love. no wonder it's america's #1 selling pain reliever. you took action, you took advil®. and we thank you. this reduced sodium soup says it mahelp lower cholesterol, how does it work? you just he to eat it as part of your heart healthy diet. step 1. eat the soup. all those veggies and beans, that's what may help lower your cholesterol and -- well that's easy [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup.
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>> steve: next tuesday voters in maryland will not only be voting for president but voting on another issue. should children of illegal immigrants be allowed to pay instate tuition in marylanditate college.
3:53 am
joining us is those who work in the state department under george bush. mike gonzalez. good morning. let's point out exactly how much is paid for maryland school in state tuition. it is set and we have a graphic that we will put up. in state tuition is $7500. out of state is $19500. so it is $12000 more for out of state students . so doesn't this punish out of state legal residents because they have to pay $12,000 more than instate illegals . >> first of all, the fact they are undocumented doesn't make a difference because they are living in tax and they are paying property tax and fees and fines and support the tax base for the university.
3:54 am
we are not talking about legal in terps of follow law. but legal residents for state law. the fact they are there doesn't make tuition go up or in or out of the state. if we exclude them you are creating a vote in the in state and makes tuition. aren't we better off letting people get educated in and we are pushing around the children of undocumented aliens. they have no choice in being here or coming here and want an education, why is that wrong with that? >> eric: mike, everybody wants everybody to get education. but is it fair? >> what is wng with that, it is illegal. congress passed the illegal immigration reform and responsibility act that said that states cannot grant in state tutig to i recalllegal students unless they grant the
3:55 am
same rate to out of state. attorney holder should go after the law. this would be fixed by the remax that senator marco rubio worked on in florida. but president obama inserted himself in this in june and over reached and skipping congress, passed this, this two year determent in the students and didn't take care of the in state tuition. >> steve: we get where you are going. the state of maryland passed their version of the dream act and so many people were incensed and collected so many secretaries it is on the ballot. >> it is proper putting it on the ballot. no matter what he said about 96, we passed by republicans and democrats in texas in year 2001 and down here in texas it
3:56 am
goes beyond the partisan politicings it doesn't cause a drain or cost us any worse. instate tuition went up because deregulated tuition. it works foin. >> steve: we are talking about maryland though. some illegalls will replace the legals in >> first of all it is illegal we took care of that . liberals had passed these quotas and set aside the preferences because a ilhell imdeprants are minorities. they will in low push out other stunes. nothing that fran siso said can counter that. >> steve: this debate, a good one this morn thank you for taking part and ultimately will be settled by the people on maryland on tuesday . thank you. >> thank you. >> steve: straight ahead. he is a former secretary of state and former white house
3:57 am
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4:00 am
>> gretchen: good morning, everyone. it is friday, tgif, november 2. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for sharing your time with us today. we're still talking about the devastating aftermath. check out this video. more bodies now discovered, more homes destroyed. millions without heat or water and panic at the pump. so where are the political leaders? the president is flying to las vegas and new york's mayor is preparing for the new york city marathon. >> eric: where was the help when four americans were fighting for their lives in libya? we now know there was none. breaking details, while you were sleeping. >> steve: we're just four days away from electing a president and it's really anybody's game. in the tell allstate of ohio, we are there live and will talk to officials to find out who they
4:01 am
think is winning. hour two, "fox & friends" friday starts right now. >> steve: good morning, everybody. live from studio e, we've got the great eric bowling from "the five" with us today. >> eric: love it. >> steve: brian taking another day off. meanwhile, president obama and mitt romney are making their final pitches to voters with four days to go until the election. mike emmanuel is live in hilliard, ohio. mike, why is the president spending so much time in ohio, he said with tongue in cheek? >> steve, good morning. three stops in ohio today. you're going to see president obama and key surrogates in the buckeye state basically from this point forward until election day. ohio and wisconsin are clearly part of president obama's midwestern firewall, if you will, trying to make sure that mitt romney does not have a path to get to 260 electoral votes.
4:02 am
so expect to see the president here and two other stops later today and having key surrogates try to make sure the buckeye state is in his column on election day. out on the stump we've heard the president in his closing argument essentially make the point that mitt romney would be a rubber stamp for the right wing and here is a little bit more of what the president had to say last night in boulder, colorado. >> so we've made real progress these past four years, but colorado, we all know our work is not yet done. >> that's kind of the tone of the closing argument the obama campaign is making is that we've made some progress, but it's not time to turn back yet. so essentially asking the voters for another four years. >> steve: meanwhile what, is governor romney saying in the final days to convince people, hey, let's get a new guy in there? >> well, obviously both campaigns are going to be look
4:03 am
very closely at these jobs numbers due out in an hour and a half from now. obviously if they're lack luster, than governor romney will say this is part of the argument for why he thinks it is time for a change. so governor knee and obviously -- romney and obviously the president will be watching closely and we'll get their reaction later. but here is a sample of governor romney's closing argument. >> got to find something to suggest it's going to be better over the next four years. so he came up with an idea last week, which is he's going to create the department of business. [ laughter ] i don't think adding a new chair in his cabinet will help add millions of jobs on main street. >> so that's part of romney's final pitch essentially, that president obama's ideas are to add another bureaucrat not payroll to figure out creating jobs and why not hire a guy who has a business background to be the next president. guy, back to you. >> steve: from the swinger
4:04 am
state, thanks. >> gretchen: let's talk about the other meaning of swing votes. let's talk about the other huge story, the libya situation because more and more information now dripping out about this. just five days before the election, more shocking details learned by jennifer griffin last night. this is happening live during "special report" on the east coast here in the 6:00 o'clock hour. what is it? it's that this certain counterterrorism response team called theft, that they apparently were not dispatched when all of this was going on, although they are routinely deployed to assist in these types of investigations. so the intelligence, counterterrorism intelligence units are feeling left out of this whole situation. why were they not dispatched? that's the big question. yet in a list of long growing questions about the situation in libya. >> steve: yeah, because when you send that kind of team in, and this is the kind of team that investigated the cole, they can get in there fast. instead, the administration decided, well, let's send the
4:05 am
f.b.i. instead. f.b.i. said it's too hot there, we can't get in. they didn't get in for 24 days. in the meantime, the evidence such as it might have been, was looted by ransackers in libya and also members of the media. remember we saw on another cable outfit that somebody had the ambassador's written notes. >> eric: important to point out, all these maneuverings, all these things going on, all these cables we're finding tell us the administration, at least the intel community, maybe the state department and maybe the white house knew that these things were going on, this was happening, probably real time, and then they spend two weeks saying it was that movie trailer. that's the cover-up part. but very importantly, representative jason chaffetz was on greta's show a couple nights ago saying he spoke to the gentleman named gregory hicks, who is the deputy chief of mission. very important 'cause mr. hicks claims to have spoken to ambassador stevens while he was taking fire.
4:06 am
literally talking to him and ambassador stevens says i need help, we're taking fire. hung up the phone, he called. the question is, who did he call and why didn't ambassador steven get any help at all? if any news organizations, the white house, investigators, i would get to this guy right now and find out what actually happened. >> gretchen: you remember that very first day after we were covering it here on "fox & friends," the only -- the lone voice that was saying that it was terrorist was the interim president of libya. i mean, he was the guy on the ground saying oh, without a doubt. he kept being questioned by reporters. are you sure it's not the video? he's like no, it's not the video. it's very interesting because the guy right there was the first guy who was saying that this, in fact, was terror. the story is far from over, folks. the question is will all the answers come before tuesday? >> steve: will people know about it. if you're watching fox, you're hearing about it. if you're watching the other channel, not so much. >> gretchen: now the rest of
4:07 am
your headlines for friday, it's a fight for fuel in the wake of sandy and it's getting even uglier now. drivers are waiting for hours in line taas are miles long. the storm facing many gas -- forcing them to close because they're running out of gas or they don't have the power to pump it. one man in new york city was arrested after pointing a gun at another driver who accused him of trying to cut the line. in long island, a gas station there accused of price gouging, charging drivers 5.99 for a gallon of gas. not supposed to do that. accusations that folks are being switched from mitt romney to president obama. the rnc learned of numerous cases in nevada. in a letter to election officials, they're asking nevada and five other states to recalibrate all of these machines, have additional technicians on hand and use signs and verbal reminders to make sure ballots are correct. the secretary of state says there is no evidence of any problems. country music's biggest stars gathered in nashville last night for the 46th annual cma awards.
4:08 am
hurricane sandy on their mind. >> dedicated to new york, new jersey, all our friends out there on the east coast. >> gretchen: jason aldean kicked off the show with luke brian and eric church. ♪ the only way i know. ♪ ♪ . >> gretchen: big winner of the night, blake shelton. he took home three trophies, including entertainer of the year. he joined keith urban, faith hill and lady antebellum in a tribute to will cree nelson. -- willie nelson. >> eric: i don't see them on the list for the nbc concert. no country stars on there. >> steve: no. >> eric: the other big story this morning, hurricane sandy now turning even more deadly?
4:09 am
the death toll rising to more than 90 this morning and that number could get even higher. right now nearly 4 million people are still without power. most of them in new york and new jersey. one of the hardest hit places in new york, staten island. flood waters fill homes while strong winds ripped other houses right off their foundations. that's also where most of the dead have been found. anna kooiman is live this morning. you talk about trash being strewn. it looks like a war zone from the pictures we're seeing. >> it really does, and the smell. the ordinary, because the trash is starting to pile up as well. you see these boats literally blocking the streets here in this neighborhood that is absolutely ravaged by hurricane sandy. this streetlight has been toppled, a boat is literally crashed into the side of this home. over here, there is a boat on top of a car. we're about 100 feet away from the water. so clearcally these boats got caught in the storm surge and sucked up into this neighborhood. homeland security secretary janet napolitano does plan on
4:10 am
touring the area today, but residents and town leaders say aid has been very slow to dom staten island. >> it's very difficult, very difficult, especially to see all the people that lost everything and all the stuff that we see around us. look, it's incredible. >> it has been four or five days since hurricane sandy unleashed her fury here on staten island. the burrough says many people are in shelters and the homes aren't be a literated and won't have anywhere to go when the shelters shut down. >> i went to a shelter monday night after the storm. people were coming in with no socks, no shoes. there was desperate need. house were destroyed. they were crying. where was the red cross? >> in a story giving many americans a heavy heart this morning, a mother action 39-year-old glenda moore, lost her two little boys in hurricane
4:11 am
sandy's storm surge. her suv stalled out. two-year-old brandon and four-year-old conner moore were just ripped from her arms, just a real tragedy. those two little boys, two of the 19 victims here on staten island. nearly 40 victims in the five burrough city and police are stressing that death toll could rise as more people are found under debris. i want to mention one more thing. we're letting a neighbor here, they are without power, power up his cell phone and ipad and things like that. he said he finally has heard from fema and the look on his face was just great because he feels like they had been forgotten, as many oariest did not did. >> gretchen: anna kooiman, thanks so much. when you see scenes like that, you would think, wow, the new york city marathon is coming up and it's huge event, an economic boon and people come from all over the world. but when you have devastation and you're sti looking for bodies and people are suffering so much, should you continue with the new york city marathon on sunday? a lot of people are really upset
4:12 am
that mayor bloomberg has said that yes, it will go on when you have one of the worst tram dees ever to happen in new york city. i think the glaring picture is what's on the cover of the new york post, which is these huge generators that have been brought in to help power up the tents for the new york city marathon, but you still have hundreds and thousands of people without power who are in the same city. >> steve: these two, 300-kilowatt generators could actually power up 400 houses out in staten island or the rock aways. but instead, they're there. apparently this is a good idea, according to the mayor. there are some other politicians who called it idiotic. i said earlier, i mentioned rudy guiliani. you know what, rudy guiliani has said that the marathon should go ahead. but if rudy guiliani was the mayor of new york city today, you got to figure that he'd say, you know those two generators that are powering a tent for the officials at the marathon? i'm going to send them to staten island. i think that's what rudy
4:13 am
guiliani would do today. that's what i tried to say earlier. >> eric: the president is in las vegas. come on, really? let's talk about this for a second. there are generators powering new york city. we have colleagues on staten island saying they're using warehouse as makeshift morgues. you have the picture? do you have the picture of the dumpster? there are people dumpster diving for food in new york city. >> steve: there is looting. >> eric: there is looting. >> steve: people don't have water or electricity. it's chaos! >> eric: it is turning into a civil unrest. i don't think it's time to be in las vegas campaigning. i just don't think he should be doing it. >> gretchen: i think the bigger -- there is the presidential election on tuesday. i think the bigger issue is to have this marathon in this city where there is so much tragedy right now. we got to tell you what's coming up next. he has stood side by side with presidents as a form white house chief of staff and secretary of state. who does james baker say should be president? >> eric: our political panel is on debt. the topic? the latest developments on
4:14 am
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4:17 am
>> gretchen: it's been almost two months since the attack on our consulate in benghazi, libya, that left four americans dead. we still don't have all the answers. even though the president said he's on a mission to try and get them. >> the election has nothing to do with four brave americans getting killed and us wanting to find out exactly what happened. these are folks who served under me that i had sent to some very dangerous places. nobody wants to find out more what happened than i do. >> gretchen: but just yesterday, white house press secretary jay carney told reporters that the president isn't actively participating in the investigation. so where is the sense of urgency and is the media letting the president off the hook? we turn to our political panel, editor in chief of reason magazine, matt welch, former controller general of the united states and founder of come back america initiative, david
4:18 am
walker. he endorsed mitt romney. and democratic strategist sasha burns. good morning to all three of you. >> good morning. >> gretchen: david, let me start with you. any sense of urgency here by this administration to get the answers, especially before tuesday's election? >> there is not. there is not realistic to get answers before tuesday. the bottom line is this: the administration denied requests for more security. that's the bottom line. and north africa and the middle east are less stable and less secure today than four years ago. that's the bottom line. >> gretchen: pretty reasons to do that -- political reasons to do that? >> i'm not going to politicize it. but those are the two bottom line things that americans need to know. the congress has the right to investigate under the constitution and they should. but realistically, we're not going to get all the facts by tuesday. >> gretchen: sasha? >> well, look, if we could, as the president says, it's not something -- we had four americans die. it's not something we should politicize. if the investigation had come through with all the answers that we need, they would be out
4:19 am
there. but as we know, and as you reported, every day there is more information. the c.i.a. has just come out with much more detail -- >> gretchen: that's because of the arduous efforts of reporters, specifically here at fox and now other outlets finally. that's why the information is coming out. that's not because the administration is giving it out. >> any administration, any executive branch is not very interested in investigating its own misdeeds or bad things that happened. >> gretchen: what about the media? >> it's interesting. the political media doesn't seem to be interested in this story, that's true. i think we've seen good reporting by fox, abc,cbs, the national security media, foreign policy media has done a pretty good job of this. it's a question of is it going to affect the election in time or is it going to be something that sort of drips out more substantially after the election? >> gretchen: isn't that important, david? isn't it important for americans to know the answers before they vote for president of the united states? >> well, it is. but it's not realistic to know
4:20 am
all the answers. >> gretchen: why? >> because there is a lot of players that have to be looked at, and frankly, as was mentioned, no administration is going to be anxious to try to be able to uncover all of this. >> gretchen: shouldn't that infuriate americans, that any administration wouldn't want to get answers out? >> i would be infuriated just by all of the statements made that have been patently untrue. jay carney said on september 14, we have no information that this is a planned attack. that's not true. susan rice said on september 16 that this was spontaneous. that was not true. and they knew it was not true at the time. so those are the things that we know now were untrue. >> gretchen: there is so much to talk about. unfortunately, i've got to wrap it because we have another discussion with the panel just around the corner. we're four days now as we've been talking about, from electing a president. ohio still anyone's game. we're going to talk about that. then, think media bias doesn't exist? could the proof be in the numbers? i want to find out what those are and we're going to give them to you coming up jenna shared her recipe with sharon,
4:21 am
4:22 am
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4:24 am
>> eric: now your news by the numbers. first, at least 32. that's how many times president obama has described al-qaeda as being decimated or on the path to defeat since the attack in benghazi. that's according to white house transcripts. next, $43,000. that's how much the average american household debt is said to have gone up since senate democrats last passed the budget 3 1/2 years ago. finally, 30%. that's how much pugh study found mitt romney's news coverage to be negative following the first presidential debate. while president obama's went up to 36 from 27%. gretch? >> gretchen: thank you.
4:25 am
the state of ohio will play a crucial role as we know in next week's election. for a very long time, polls showed president obama carrying that state. well, that's changed now. now the state is considered to be a toss-up. so why the big swap? we continue now with our political panel. david, i'll start with you because i know you had a point on libya when we had to wrap up. so toss-up category, obviously both candidate also spend a lot of time in ohio. why is it so important? >> because that's the most direct path for mitt romney to win. and for obama to belie mitt romney a win, if he can take that state, he's in better shape. romney can win without winning ho o but not a whole lot of options. wisconsin becomes more key. here is the bottom line, i just finished a 9500-mile fiscal responsibility bus tour, including to ohio, virginia and all the swing states. election is going to be decide on who can do the best job on the economy, jobs, and putting our finances in order. that's what matters and we better start getting with it.
4:26 am
>> gretchen: so sasha, one of the reasons why people say the president continues to do well in ohio is because the economy is doing better in ohio, but could it be because there is a republican governor there? >> well, republicans would like to think so. ohio is doing better than most of the country that has a lot to do with the auto bailout which we've heard a lot about. has a lot to do with the fact that jeeps aren't going to china as romney said. but the entire country's economy is doing better. the unemployment numbers are better. the -- >> gretchen: we'll see coming up an hour from now, the last unemployment number before the election will be coming out. we'll see what that number is. >> and as of now, what everyone believes is that they will be better. they're steadily better than they have better. the economy is, the stock market is. and that's about obama's policy. >> gretchen: where do you see ohio? >> it's been slightly towards obama for a long time. it's more toss-up now. i think the election as it
4:27 am
stands is a slight prepond rains towards obama in the electoral college and maybe a slight tip toward romney in the popular vote which will bring an interesting dynamic as you were talking about earlier. the point is that it's close. at this point, the 2000, george w. bush looked about as good as barak obama does today, but then the dui story came out and the late break polls changed. so things are still dynamic and it's still possible for things to move between now and 108 hours from now. >> gretchen: thanks so much for your thoughts today. got to wrap it up. coming up, new investigation shows you're spending more on gas than you need to. the auto makers accused of ripping you off. that story coming up next. plus the last jobs report before tuesday's election. so will it help the president or hurt him? charles pain is here with a preview used capital one venture miles for their "destination wedding." double miles you can "actually" use. but with those single mile travel cards... [ bridesmaid ] blacked out... but i'm a bridesmaid. oh! "x" marks the spot she'll never sit.
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4:31 am
>> a major campaign story and surprise announcement. mayor bloomberg endorsed president obama and joe biden. [ cheers and applause ] but only because he needs two passengers in his car to get into manhattan. it's the rules. you got to play by the rules. >> steve: they seem to change all the time. >> eric: be funny if it wasn't so real. fox business alert. we're watching this morning, the last unemployment report before election day will be released in
4:32 am
one hour. what can we expect? let's bring in mr. charles payne from business network. thanks. >> listen, consider what we got last month, we don't know what to expect. i mean, that's the honest truth. that number last month was so crazy, the numbers within the report itself, they didn't connect. there was no way they made sense. of course, we know there are two separate surveys, one with businesses, one with households and they painted a complete different picture of both worlds. so we ended up with a 7.9% unemployment rate. most economists are going with that rate again thinking that perhaps politically, there is no way it could go back to 8 or above 8%. and 125,000 jobs created last month. >> steve: which barely keeps up with the pace of the population. >> yeah. it's really a terrible number and given the overall context of an entitlement -- >> gretchen: i thought it was 7.8. didn't it go down? some economists are saying it could tick up to 7.9. >> no one will say 8%, w
4:33 am
where it was every single month. >> gretchen: in the scope of things, does it matter? >> i think it matters. i think the number is skewed. i wish they would change it. i wish we had one benchmark participation rate. for me, there are a lot of the aspects that aren't reported that matter more. it matters that 9 million people dropped out in the last four years. they've said, i quit. i don't want to be part of the american dream. i give up. that matters more to me. the employment per population for african-american teens is 16%. that's it. for white teen-agers, 26%. that's the stuff that matters that we don't talk about. that's the heart breaking stuff. that's the stuff that triggers revolutions around the world. we don't talk about that. >> steve: let's talk about this, it is a desperate situation in new jersey where you and i and eric all live. across the river, there is one gas station open. probably a couple hundred cars waiting. simply trying get enough gas to go to work today. the problem is, and there is some of the gas lines from yesterday -- the problem is,
4:34 am
that a lot of these gas stations don't have electricity. bad planning, no generators, whatever, it's a cash 22. >> it is a catch 22. listen, the northeast will obviously is to get better and smarter about some of this stuff. there is no doubt about it. it's a tough learning curve. >> eric: we spent -- we gave president obama $865 trillion for shovel ready projects. here is a shovel ready project right there. bury some of these power lines. >> i agree. i remember talking to the head of the council of mayors at the time, i think it was the mayor of miami at the time. he said listen, we've got a trillion dollars worth of jobs ready to go. of course, we know there are jobs. it was the red tape. it was the burning task. redistribution of money. it was using this scheme for something else. pitching it is one thing, but using the money for something else. >> steve: the president of the united states was across the river in new jersey a couple of days ago for a photo op. he said fema was going to help everybody.
4:35 am
if fema was going to help the people of new jersey and new york who were impacted by gas problems right now, they'd send up a convoy of gasoline trucks and they'd just pull over by the side of the road, just pull on in, i'll fill you up. it's free today. >> forget the photo ops. we don't have any heat. you guys don't have, a new granddaughter. my daughter and her fiance are bouncing around all new jersey looking for friends with heat. it's ridiculous. forget the photo ops. >> gretchen: what about this story that's coming out that apparently alabama crews, power crews came up to new jersey to try and help, because remember, there was a lot of preplanning, to at least try to get some crews to come from other parts of the country. the story here is that they could have been turned away because they weren't part of the union? >> that's one of the more despicable aspects of what we're seeing already. i think we'll hear more of this. but it's not unique. this is what we saw after the gulf oil spill. we saw countries that said, we want to help. oh, no, no, we have different rules. it's not a u.s. chartered ship. all that stuff, the jones act,
4:36 am
all gets back to protecting union jobs. you have a pecking order in this country where environmentalists and unions, their interests come before saving lives and helping other americans. >> eric: this has been running around the internet, i've gotten this four or five times on my twitter feed. i just can't believe it. i just can't believe that they would turn away help because they were nonunion. this doesn't make any sense. >> i got to tell you something. >> eric: if that's a problem, chris christie has been fighting the teachers unions. how about waiving whatever rules you got here? >> steve: you know what? it could actually be part of the federal bureaucracy. i don't see chris christie standing for it. but it could actually be some of the union members of the utility crews here in the new york-new jersey area. >> the toughest hard nosed union representatives in this country are utility workers, verizon, these kind of places in new york, new jersey, they don't care. these guys are ruthless. they're tough. when they go on strike and things like that, they go underground. they start cutting wires and
4:37 am
setting fires. these are just stories i've heard from people who are in the unions. we all know, anybody who lives in jersey, you know these union members, they don't care. their interests come first, period. there is nothing else. i can believe that they took someone who drove all the way up from alabama said no thanks. >> steve: the scary thing is, talking about we don't have any heat, between now and a week from now, the mercury in my neighborhood in new jersey will drop down into the 20s and 30s every night over the next week. people are freezing. they're going to the malls to warm up. >> absolutely. >> gretchen: thank you. now today's headlines, atlantis is on the move. in florida, they are preparing for its road trip. there will be a retirement ceremony today. atlantis has flown 33 missions. it's the last of nasa's shuttles to become a museum piece now because there isn't a space program anymore. >> steve: military trucks will
4:38 am
become polling centers in parts of new jersey slammed by monster storms. the trucks will be parked at regular polling places on election day that don't have power and generators, so long as the locations are accessible. voters will then vote on paper ballots. that means somebody better start printing them. new jersey is extending the deadline for mail-in ballots until today. the deadline was tuesday. interestingly enough, my daughter wound up with her absentee ballot. she got it in texas yesterday. it's not going to make it. >> eric: in trouble with the epa for overstating the gas mileage their cars get. an investigation found many models over the past three years have been marked with the wrong fuel economy figures. they must change the numbers on car sticker windows and pay out millions of dollars to some 900,000 car owners. no word if the auto makers will be fined or if a criminal investigation is underway.
4:39 am
>> gretchen: james baker was on fox news last night. he was talking about who he would choose to be the next president of the united states. what the qualities are that he would look to. he said that he would look for leadership and that the economy in the end is what's going to be what matters most. so why should people listen to him? well, he was the former secretary of state, white house chief of staff two times, treasury secretary, and under secretary of commerce. >> i can tell you that the most important thing about america has been throughout its history, its economy. we can't be strong militarily, diplomatically, or in any other way and politically unless we're strong economically. we now have a debt to gdp that is out of sight. and we got to figure out some way to deal with that. when he was governor of massachusetts, mitt romney worked with democrats. that was a blue state. he was a republican governor, he
4:40 am
had to work with democrats, but he successfully worked across the aisle in a bipartisan way and got things done. >> steve: okay. mr. romney has talked about that, how he, you saw him at the debates talking about it, 75, 80% democrats, versus him, the lone republican governor. >> eric: fox news had a poll two nights ago that came out and found that 60% of people polled were interested in the economy and fiscal issues as their most important issues. mr. baker is on target with that. >> gretchen: let's talk about that working across the aisle. here is mitt romney. >> you want to see four more years with washington in gridlock? >> no. >> look, i know that the president wants to see four more years and that's his chant, four more years, four more years. our chant is this: five more days. all right [ cheers and applause ] by the way, i think i'll ask the
4:41 am
leader, leader cantor, when was the last time you met with the president on the economy and jobs and the budget? he says almost a year. >> steve: meanwhile, it seems like the campaign has been going on for almost a year, actually longer. now it's down to not five days. it's four days. >> eric: it's been 3 1/2 years since they passed a budget, the senate. >> steve: go figure. >> gretchen: coming up, many pollsters moving ohio from an obama win to a toss-up state. next up, two guests are here to weigh in on that important state i was in the ambulance and i was told to call my next of kin. at 33 years old, i was having a heart attack. now i'm on a bayer aspirin regimen. [ male announcer ] be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. i didn't know this could happen so young. take control, talk to your doctor.
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possible side effects include headache, diarrhea, and abdominal pain. other serious stomach conditions may still exist. let your doctor do his job. and you do yours. ask if nexium is right for you. if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. >> gretchen: staten island in new york city took the biggest hit from hurricane sandy out of all of the burroughs. overall the storm killed 90 people and at least 19 of them were from staten island.
4:45 am
that's where joe woldman joins us with a close-up of the devastation. hi, joel. >> hey, guys. there is a growing controversy out here about whether or not the new york city marathon should be held on sunday and there is good reason why, maybe it shouldn't be. look what is going on out here, a whole lot of destruction. you're taking a look at a town house at an emergency vehicle with all kinds of debris out front, cars smashed up, jet skis on their side, debris from inside the house that's strewn out on the street. just a little further up, we've got a pet food store out here with dog beds out front because the front door has been ripped off. the shelves are toppled over. all the stock inside is on the ground and spilled out. there is a putrid odor coming from in there. we believe there was some animals being sold inside that maybe died during the storm. so we're getting a whiff of that. then just a little further to the left, you've got a totally
4:46 am
destroyed structure here. there was a fire, we don't know if it was commercial or not. but a massive fire, someone had to be rescued off the roof here. so a whole lot of destruction, very apocalyptic feel. the department of homeland security secretary janet napolitano scheduled to arrive here. we will bring you the latest on that. reporting from staten island, joel woldman. >> gretchen: i think that controversy not going to go away any time soon. steve? >> steve: both president obama and mitt romney are barn storming the battle ground state of ho had in these final days. who will win that state? let's talk to two guys who think they know. state's attorney general and the state's former governor, gentlemen, thank you for joining us. >> good morning. >> steve: mr. attorney general, let's start with you. your state is lucky that it's got unemployment slightly lower than the national average. who do people in ohio credit for that? do they credit john kasich, the republican governor, or do they
4:47 am
credit barak obama, the democratic president? >> well, in the polls that i have seen, most recent polls by a big margin, they give the governor credit. and i think that's absolutely correct. he came in, very tough situation. he's dealt with the taxes, taking down regulations, created a better business climate in the state. i think people understand that. what we feel in ohio is people are just not particularly happy with president obama. i think this race really got reset in ohio after the first debate. the obama campaign had been painting this picture of governor romney as some individual and people looked at the stage and they said, look what governor romney was saying and they said, he could be president. he could be a leader. >> steve: sure. >> and i think it's made a big, big difference. >> steve: and governor, i know
4:48 am
that you're happy that the unemployment rate is lower in the great state of ohio, and that is the number one reason people are going to be casting a ballot is the economy. but you give barak obama the credit. >> well, ohio's economy started to recover in 2010. our unemployment went down 1.6% in 2010, well before governor kasich entered office. it went down an additional 1.7% in the next year and a half while he was in office. we're all happy that ho had's economy is doing better, but i want to tell you, it's doing better in large part because of the auto industry. one out of every eight jobs in ohio is connected to the auto industry. 80 out of our 88 counties have an involvement in that supply chain. and this is a big deal in ohio. governor romney was on the wrong side of that issue and the president took the leadership and consequently, ohio is benefitting. >> steve: mr. attorney general,
4:49 am
as i remember, mitt romney wrote that op ed and said essentially the gm should go through a managed bankruptcy, which they did, which the president says that's essentially what saved the car industry. mr. attorney general? >> couple of things. first of all, ohio's recovery, if you look at the statistics, we've really not had the growth in the auto industry. what we've had is the growth as far as new jobs being created, in other areas. auto industry certainly is very, very important for the state. i don't think there is an area where the obama campaign is exaggerated more or misled more than on this issue. if you look back at the facts, what you had is a situation where governor romney said we needed federal intervention. he wanted to do it differently. the obama administration ended up taking detroit into bankruptcy. so for them to say that obama did not want to do that or that they had a different point of
4:50 am
view, romney didn't want to do that is absolutely crazy. >> steve: governor, the fine word. >> the governor's own department of don't had just put -- development had just put out information that 43% of all of the private sector investment in ohio has come into the auto sector. 34% of all private sector investment in ohio. that's pretty startling statistic and i think it shows the importance of the auto industry to our state. >> steve: all right. it's great to have both of you join us today, four days out. i'm sure in a couple of days, you'll be happy that those darn negative tv ads just go away for another four years. >> be safe, mike. >> steve: absolutely. mike dewine and ted strucknd la, thank you very much. >> steve: straight ahead, imagine this, you tried to vote for mitt romney, but the little checkmark, suddenly next to barak obama's name. it's something that's happening to early voters in a number of states. is your vote at risk? we'll explain.
4:51 am
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>> eric: early voters in kansas, ohio, and now north carolina say they've tried to vote for mitt romney, but the check went to obama. so is your vote at risk? one man served on the board of advisors of the south elections systems commission. could you tell us how this might happen? >> well, they're using electronic voting machines which are basically touch screen computers similar to ipads or the white boards that teachers and students use. they have to be very carefully calibrated so the screen image matches up with where you touch the computer screen.
4:55 am
if it's misaligned, then you're going to get the kind of problems that have been reported. >> eric: so let me ask you this is this a software glitch, or is it something more insidious? could it be deliberate? >> no. it's probably a glitch. each machine has to be carefully tested and calibrated to make sure it's been aligned properly. if it gets out of alignment, then you'll have this kind of problem cropping up. i assume that they just haven't been properly calibrated or tested by local election officials. >> eric: just a coincidence that the reports have been votes for romney going to the obama column? >> well, look, there is no way to really know. but what this does say is look, every one of these machines at the end, puts up a summary screen of all the choices made by the voters. they have to very carefully look at that and make sure that the machine has exactly recorded what they've done before they hit that final button that casts the vote.
4:56 am
>> eric: now that's very interesting. we only have a couple of seconds. but if they hit the but then and realize it went to the wrong one, can they tell an election official and have it fixed or is it too late? >> once they hit the cast the vote button, it's too late. but they need to tell election officials there was a problem so they can figure out if the machine is making mistakes. >> eric: okay. so the moral is, before you hit the button, make sure your checkmark is behind the right capped date. we'll leave it will. thank you. >> thank you. >> eric: sandy damaged your home, your car, and now you have no idea what to do next. mr. bob massy is here with part two of what you need to know. then, brand-new developments overnight on benghazi went through massive communications failure or more? geraldo is here with the details [ male announcer ] with 160 more miles per tank,
4:57 am
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5:00 am
>> gretchen: good morning, everyone. it's friday, november 2, 2012. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for sharing your time with us today. fox news alert. in 30 minute, the last jobs report before tuesday's election will be released. will it help or hurt the president? stay right here for the very latest numbers. >> steve: meanwhile, the breaking details overnight. where was the help when four americans were murdered as they fought for their lives in libya? we now know there was none. geraldo here in moments on this. >> eric: the death toll is rising. millions are still without power and there is panic at the pump. but the president is flying to vegas and mayor bloomberg is running a massive, massive generator for the new york city marathon. "fox & friends," hour three, right now.
5:01 am
>> gretchen: good morning, everyone. eric polling is in for brian. he's recovering at his home in long island and he will be back with us over the weekend. >> steve: they had some damage there. he'll explain when he comes back. >> eric: big news day. this day is flying by. lots going on. >> steve: indeed. >> eric: including the fox business alert. we're less than 30 minutes away from the last major report card on the economy for the election. the labor department is releasing the monthly unemployment rate. right now it's at 7.8%. economists expect it to tick up to 7.9. some, that is. it's estimated employers added 125,000 jobs last month. that would be up from 114,000 in september, but fall short of what's needed to cut the jobless rate. we'll bring you that, all of it, as the number is released. >> gretchen: despite the fuel in the wake of sandy and getting uglier, drivers are waiting for hours in lines that are miles
5:02 am
long. the storm forcing many gas stations to close because they either run out of gas or don't have the power to pump it. one man in new york city was arrested after pointing a gun at another driver who accused him of trying to cut the line. in long island a gas station there accused of price gouging, charging drivers 5.99 for a gallon of gas. staten island, new york, trying to find their footing after being slammed by hurricane sandy. it took the biggest hit out of all the five buroughs in new york city. homes wiped out, leaving many with nothing. >> 42 years i've been in my home and i lost it. >> gretchen: overall, the storm has killed more than 90 people and at least 19 of them were from staten island. new accusations, votes being switched from mitt romney to president obama? the rnc says it learned of numerous cases in nevada. so in a letter to election
5:03 am
officials, they're asking nevada and five other states to recalibrate all the machines and have additional technicians on hand and use signs and verbal reminders to make sure ballots are correct. nevada's secretary of state says so far there is no evidence of any problem. those are your headlines. >> steve: we're going to talk about the problems around here in new york city area with geraldo who has boat damage in a moment. first let's talk about libya. so much more information out. new cables show the militia charged with protecting the consulate apparently cable shows it was infiltrated with islamists we couldn't trust. also apparently the state department declined to send this rapid response team, which has been sent in the past to help on the cole and investigations and stuff like that. they could have actually gotten in sooner than the f.b.i. did. it took them 24 days. finally, we were telling folks yesterday about the emergency meeting they had just about three weeks before september 11, 2012, where the consulate people said we really can't protect ourselves.
5:04 am
there are all of these training grounds here. we are screwed. >> that's a mouthful and i just have to say that for us to be probing this three or four days before the election guarantees that reasonable prudence will not be exercised because of the -- >> steve: fox news has been looking at this for over a month. >> okay. please, i didn't come to argue. >> steve: okay. >> i just want to -- >> steve: it's frustrating. >> i think this is -- remember, i named benghazi. why did i name it benghazigate? the obvious reference to watergate and the cover-up. there are three aspects. one is the situation that existed prior to september 11, the security at the compound in benghazi, why the hell we were there. why aren't we adequately secured. why the ambassador was there at all given the circumstances. that's part one. part three is what happened after the tragedy in terms of sending ambassador susan rice to
5:05 am
the united nations, having her suggest it was all about a muslim video and all the rest of it. i think both one and three deserve real intense scrutiny and i think the obama administration is susceptible to legitimate criticism, particularly if the investigation turns up what we expect it to, no security, they should have known. they didn't know. they should have responded. they have didn't respond. and then after the fact, they should have known, they should have responded, you know, they should have been more clear in terms of describes what happened. now comes to the actual military response itself. that's where i take umbrage with what has been said. i have spoken extensively with four star general jack keane. our premiere military analyst. i am convinced that the military did whatever it could have done under the circumstances. i am similarly convinced that the state department and the c.i.a. also did, once the attack happened, everything they could. that's where i really, really am
5:06 am
extremely upset about the tone of the conversation. what happened? you had the attack on the consulate. the ambassador surrounded. he and steven smith in the safe room suffocated to death by diesel fumes. the initial attack happened. there is sound and fury and fatalities and now we've lost two people. okay. the attack dies down. everyone in washington, everyone in euro com, everybody now believes that the worst is over. that's why there is -- to use a seven hour clock is wrong. now the attack is over. and okay, the attack is over. now we send our brave guys, our brave c.i.a. guys. now tyrone woods and glenn dougherty and the other and there are three colleagues and they are joined by loyal libyan militia men. they go to the compound. they rescue the people. they bring them back. they're fighting, you know,
5:07 am
sporadic fighting from the compound to the annex. now they're back in the annex and aside from odd, low caliber fighting, everyone thinks the worst is over. now they're calling for help. help is coming from libya -- from tripoli, the capital that lands at the airport. >> eric: so washington, the state department, the c.i.a. does nothing. sends no help. they have -- >> s that an absolute misrepresentation! you're a politician -- >> eric: absolutely wrong. where was the help? we had assets at the united states military. it's -- >> they're not a swat team! >> eric: they were sitting around in tripoli waiting to respond? there were assets in tripoli that could help? where were they? >> who do you think arrived to take those people to the airport? that's not true. you are misleading the american
5:08 am
people because you want to make a political point. >> eric: we had drones that could have been there. >> we have never in the history of this republic mounted a raid on the circumstance described here ever. we have never done it. the israelis, when they rescued their people, it took them seven days to mount that operation. this was seven hours. >> eric: so they knew? they knew? why did they blame a video two weeks later? >> i want to say something else. when i heard and i interviewed this father of tyrone woods, when i heard charles woods call the president of the united states a murderer and a liar, it broke my heart. how many parents of g.i.'s lost in conflicts that were screwed up have said of the president of the united states that he murdered my child? i love charles woods. i kissed him on television. but he is being led down the primrose path by misinformation that is making it look as if the
5:09 am
president of the united states went grambling in las vegas when he could have been saving our people and that's a lie. >> gretchen: how do you separate the difference between the state department's reaction and the information that they had before? >> but that, gretchen, goes back to what he said, the legitimate area for criticizing the obama administration is why in the world did we have our ambassador there in benghazi when we could not protect him? that's a legitimate of investigation and i think that therein lies a vulnerability for them to explain. did they cover up, you know, the nature of the genesis of that attack after the fact? another legitimate area of investigation. but to blame the united states military for not responding under these circumstances -- >> gretchen: no, no, i'm separating the military from the state department. the military -- i am. the military needs orders from somebody in order to go. >> steve: ultimately we can see the great frustration on the set
5:10 am
because people want answers. here is the thing, after we got bin laden, within a couple of days, all the details of that secret mission, secret mission, on the front pages of all the papers. we just want some answers. >> we want answers. >> steve: we've been waiting for eight weeks. >> when i hear people with no combat experience suggest that oh, my goodness, we saw it in real time, it makes it sound like the bureaucrats scratching their belly and watching people die and that's not what happened. >> steve: we get the frustration. >> there was no snoopy sitting on the gun strip. >> steve: we get where you're coming from. >> gretchen: coming up -- >> i'm sorry. it's very frustrating. >> gretchen: one state ready to give illegal immigrants in state tuition. guess who will pay for it? legal students. is that fair? sandy damaged your home and your car and you have no idea what to do next. bob massi back with part two of what you need to do coming up e, marching band playing ]
5:11 am
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ask are. >> gretchen: military trucks are become polling places. voters will get paper ballots to fill out. jennifer davis is live with all of these details. we've got to think about the election now and how people are going to be able to vote as well. >> good morning. absolutely. there is so much to consider. another thing to consider is work. a number of people have said perhaps one of the only silver linings in all of this is that there is going to be a lot of work up here for months to come. we are in ocean city, new jersey. all of these trucks behind me just rolled in a short time ago. they same from pennsylvania. it's landscaping company that's hoping they can help a lot of folks here rebuild their decks and garages. come over this way. you can see, there is going to be so much work to do here in ocean city. they had record amounts of flooding here. as sandy moved on, she left behind a bunch of sad. an incredible amount. at least six inches densely packed here into the streets.
5:15 am
it stretches as far as the eye can see in this beautiful community. that dump truck just got stuck right there as it was trying to move through because it is so treacherous here. they did have a driving curfew in place overnight. that has now lifted. crews are trying to help of the but it will be another challenging day. >> gretchen: all right, jennifer davis live in new jersey. let's go to eric. >> eric: thank you. because of hurricane sandy, thousandses are expected to file insurance claims for the damage done to their homes and cars, i guess. and on top of that, many are finding that their cars are flooded or crushed by trees. so will your insurance pay for damage to your cars? back with us now is fox news legal analyst, bob massi. how are you doing? go ahead. >> in italian, we say what i saw with you and geraldo, very early in the morning. >> eric: that's what long lines and no power will do.
5:16 am
let's get to a couple quick questions. if your car was damaged from flooding, will insurance cover the losses and by the way, who makes the payment? >> first of all, let's talk about the payments. most of us should have what's called gap insurance. i say should have, i mean if you don't have it, have it. gap insurance means that if your car is lost in some type of accident or whatever, gap insurance will make the payments on the car. if you don't have it, you're stuck making the payments. as to the flood damage, comprehensive coverage should always cover the flood damage. generally speaking. there are some insurance companies, eric, because of where you live, even with comprehensive won't cover the flood, but make sure you talk to your agent. obviously during this period of time people can't even get to their agent sometime. but comprehensive should cover the flood damage to the vehicle. >> eric: okay. are there any rights of tenants or occupants on the content from destroyed from flood waters? >> yeah. this is going to be tricky. first of all, remember most carriers don't cover flood
5:17 am
insurance unless go through federal programs. so if you're a tenant in new york city and your contents have been damaged and it's from flood damage, then many times your policies don't cover it. this is where it's going to get tricky. like i said yesterday, you're going to see some real acountry phony between insurance companies and that's where the government will get involved to see what help they'll give to people and see a lot of bad faith lawsuits between people who bought insurance and didn't pay and courts interpreting the language and policies. so the landlord, the question is, did they have flood insurance? most don't, unless they go through the federal government. tenants generally don't have it for contents insurance. so this becomes an interpretation of languagers many, many times of the we saw it in katrina. you'll see it in this particular situation. >> eric: that brings up a third question. at what point should you seek legal advice? >> let me tell you, as soon as anyone, and it's going to happen -- feels a pushback in any way from the carrier, from
5:18 am
their insurance company, where there is not a sense of cooperation, i'm not saying you got to run to a lawyer. but what i'm saying is at some point, you better get a little bit of advice to somebody to explain what are your rights during this situation? the last thing people about right now and i understand that what's happened to that part of the country is terrible. but at some point if you're really not feeling that they're doing what they're supposed to do in good faith, you better get a little legal advice to understand what your rights are and what kind of coverage is there and what, if you're going to get any kind of help at all from your carrier. >> eric: bob, always great advice. appreciate your time. bob massi. you can e-mail bob your questions by logging on to our web site. death toll is rising. millions still without power and panic at the pump. but the president is flying to las vegas and mayor bloomberg is running a massive generators for the marathon. then in ten minutes, the last jobs report before the election will be released. will it help or hurt president
5:19 am
5:20 am
5:21 am
5:22 am
>> steve: quick news by the numbers. first, at least 32. that's how many times president obama has described al-qaeda as being decimated or on the path to defeat. 32 times since the attack in benghazi. that's according to white house transcripts. next, $43,000. that's how much the average american household debt is said to have gone up since senate democrats last passed a budget 3 1/2 years ago. that's a lot. finally, 30%. that's how much a pugh poll found mitt romney's news coverage to be negative following the first presidential debate. while president obama went up to 36% from 27%. >> gretchen: fox business alert. just minutes away from seeing the last unemployment report
5:23 am
before election day. so what can we expect? we're joined by charles payne. before we get to that, earlier when you were on, we were talking about some of these utility crews coming from alabama and maybe that they weren't allowed to do some of the work there because they were in new jersey, which is a union state. it turns out now a lot of our viewers have said that actually they've seen the alabama crews working. so hopefully that is what's happening. >> hopefully it is. absolutely. although we saw the reports contrary to that. it wouldn't be surprising if that were the case. but hopefully everyone is allowed to pitch in and save people. >> steve: absolutely. let's talk about the number. how big is this? >> it has the focus to be huge. let's say the headline is unemployment rate, 8.4%, that kind of thing, then certainly coupled with a gdp of 2% and the most recent reading for the current quarter, third quarter, 1.3%, the quarter before that, millions of people dropping out of the jobs market.
5:24 am
actual incomes down over $4,000 in the last several years this is not adjusted for inflation. just down. that has the potential to be an absolute blockbuster number headline come over the weekend. if they say it's 7.8, 7.5%, certainly it would be a blockbuster, a tremendous news for president obama. and again, unfortunately, people who know better in financial circles understand that we shouldn't even really be using that rate considering just how skewed it is. unfortunately, that's the rate we've used and that's what we're going to go with. we're not going to change overnight. >> steve: because it's not really the underemployment number, the number of people have given up. that's gigantic. >> the key is the 23 million. the people who are really unemployed or work part-time, although they desperately want a full time position. >> eric: the other one you mentioned, the number of people dropping out. >> to me, that's the one of the biggest tragedies.
5:25 am
>> steve: thank you. >> gretchen: coming up, she broke the story we've been telling you about all morning. new developments on benghazi. >> steve: the death toll is rising. millions still without power and there is panic at the pump. the president is in vegas and the mayor of new york city, bloomberg, is running massive generators for a tent in a park. e to take a centrum silver multivitamin every day. i told him, sure. can't hurt, right? then i heard this news about a multivitamin study looking at long-term health benefits for men over 50. the one they used in that study... centrum silver. that's what i take. my doctor! he knows his stuff. [ male announcer ] centrum. the most recommended. most preferred. most studied. centrum, always your most complete.
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5:29 am
>> steve: we're about to get breaking news on the economy that could reshape the presidential race. >> gretchen: let's hand over our coverage to stuart varney. >> i'm stuart varney with this special report from fox business. it is the last big picture measure of the economy before the election. a jobs report. it will show the unemployment rate at the enof the president's four years in office. there are two headline numbers to look for. the unemployment rate and the number of new jobs created. they will feature prominently in the final days of this campaign. we will also be checking what is often called the real unemployment rate. that is people who want to work full time but can't. and we'll check how many people came into the work force or dropped out of it. these numbers are released at precisely 8:30 eastern time, which is about 20 odd seconds if now. they counted these numbers up because there is big money involved in these numbers. they're not released until precisely 8:30. we're going to go to peter barns
5:30 am
at the labor department. i'm looking from the top, i'm looking for that unemployment rate and a number of new jobs created. those are the headline numbers. it's 8:30. peter? >> stewart, the economy created 171,000 new nonforeign payroll jobs in o. the unemployment rate rising to 7.9% in october from 7.8. that was about as expected. the 171,000 new nonfarm jobs were much higher than expected, plus upward revisions to august and september. the economy adding 84,000 additional jobs than previously reported. >> what we see there is strength on job creation, or more strength than we've had in the past, but the rate, which is politically important going up to 7.9%. now, can you look, please, at the real unemployment rate? i think it's technically known as u 6. what is it? n that's correct. that's the rate that includes those marginally attacked to the
5:31 am
work force and working part-time. 14.6% in october, down slightly from 14.7 in september. >> 14.6. now, the participation rate, let's not get too technical. but that's the number of people who came into the work force or dropped out of it. go. >> that rose to 63.8% because about 600,000 people came into the work force and started looking for jobs. but only about 400,000 of those said they found jobs. that's why the unemployment rate went up slightly to 7.9%. >> all right. peter barns, thank you very much. charles payne joins me now. you've heard the numbers. your initial take? n my initial take is i'm watching the market right now. it's not taking off. it's a curious thing. i want to dig further into this. on the surface, the numbers are better than expected without a doubt. we came into the week looking for 125,000. it's not where we need to be. we need to be around 250,000 to really start making a true dent in our drastic unemployment
5:32 am
situation. however, i want to look why the market is not taking off. i'm wondering how many of these are temporary jobs, part-time jobs, because it seems like those kind of jobs don't move the needle with respect to the economy. >> last time around a month ago we found there was over 800,000 people said they had found work, but it was over 600,000 who were part-timers. that's not very well paid work. this time around, we've got 600,000 saying we found some kind of work, but we don't know how many were part-timers. that's the key to this thing. i would expect president obama to spin this positively. we are creating jobs. we're moving in the right direction. i think governor romney will say, we're not going fast enough. >> the question is, is america living up to its potential? yeah, we're moving in the right direction, but certainly not at our potential. again, we should be 250, 300,000 jobs at this point in a post-recession recovery in the united states. >> okay. let's repeat, the unemployment rate went up to 7.9%.
5:33 am
there were 171,000 new jobs created last month. that's still, that 171,000, that's not good enough. that's not nowhere near what it should be in a recovery from a drastic recession. what should it be? more like 250? >> 250, 300. ultimately we want the unemployment rate to be at least 5% or less. that's what we start to call full employment in this country. obviously we're a long way away. >> 14.6, that's the real unemployment rate. that's still very, very high. >> essentially we're talking 23 million number that mitt romney talks about a lot. people either without a job or working these part-time jobs that barely cover their bills. >> you work for one hour in the preceding month, you're classified as a part-timer and back in the work force. >> absolutely. >> do you have youth unemployment? >> i didn't get a chance to get through those, but those will be important to see. >> all right. that is it for this fox business special report. we will continue coverage throughout the day on the "fox business" network. varney and company begins at 9:20 eastern.
5:34 am
let's get back to our regular programming. >> steve: all right. thank you very much. the headline there is both campaigns have got something they can talk about today. mitt romney is going to say unemployment went up to 7.9%. the president of the united states is going to say look, my policies are working. i created 171,000 new jobs. >> gretchen: we'll see how that has an effect, if at all, on the polls leading up to the election. more shocking details about the terrorist attack in benghazi. a guard hired to protect our consulate may have been working with the attackers. as the attack went on, the state department decided to not send a rapid response unit. jennifer griffin joins us live on the phone. good morning to you, jennifer. >> good morning, gretchen. >> gretchen: this information is breaking via your work last night during our broadcast around the 6:00 p.m. hour. have you learned anything new since that time? >> well, i think what's most interesting is we've been shown a series of e-mails and i've had
5:35 am
conversations with a senior military source, as well as a counterterrorism official who says that they were really surprised the night of the attack that something known as the counterterrorism -- excuse me counter terrorism security group was not called in to meet. these are counterterrorism specialists from across various agencies. they usually advise the principles as to what resources they have at their fingertips. we also learned that the state department decided not to -- that night of september 11, even as the ambassador was still missing, not to send a foreign -- it's essentially an interagency rapid response unit that helps reestablish communications after an attack -- a terrorist attack,
5:36 am
and what we have been told by the state department is look, that unit is not a unit that could have saved any lives. but what officials are telling us is that it could have helped the f.b.i. get into benghazi sooner than they did. it took them 24 days to get on the ground and as you know, a lot of the materials had already been rifled through and the site had been pretty degraded. journalists had been able to pick up documents there. the officials that i spoke to said that, look, this team is something that's been in use sin the uss cole, since the embassy bombings and they thought it was strange that both the counterterrorism security group, as well as the fes team were not pulled together and used as an enabling force during this period. also the tables that suggest that stevens' team had reported that at 6:43 a.m. they believed
5:37 am
that libyan police had been surveying the consulate and been taking pictures, those e-mails are very worrisome because it suggests possible libyan government complicity. they provide the police, they provide the actual number of the police car that was surveying the consulate that day. so a lot of unanswered questions about the response to the benghazi attack. >> eric: you say there are senior counterterrorism experts who are your contacts and they advise principles. who are the principles they're advising? >> the principles, of course, are members of the cabinet. so again, the administration says that these are lower level people and they had the principles involved that night. they had the secretary of state, the secretary of defense and
5:38 am
others. so they're saying that this was a much lower level group. they're arguing they didn't need the csg that night. >> gretchen: jennifer, great report. continue to do so. we'll check back in with you. here is a statement from the national security council spokesperson, tommy voter. the most senior people in government worked on this issue from the minute it happened. that includes the secretary of defense, chairman of the joint chiefs, secretary of state, national security advisor, et cetera. but that statement in and of itself raises questions because if you're admitting that the senior people were investigating it from the beginning, then how did we end up in this mess? >> eric: why blame the movie for so long? >> steve: absolutely. let's talk about the big story of the week aside from politics and libya as well. the aftermath of sandy. and in parts of new york city, i've read that over in staten island, it's a desperate situation. they don't have food. a lot of people are still trapped. there are some of the pictures from staten island. you've seen the gas lines. somebody pulled a gun on somebody yesterday trying to get
5:39 am
gas in suburban new york. there has been looting. there has been all sorts of problems. there is no electricity. that's why the cover of the new york post today is going to have some jaws dropping because the headline is abuse of power. these are two, 300-kilowatt generators in central park. these have been set up for the marathon. extraordinarily, the new york city marathon is going to go on full steam ahead, the mayor said he thought it was a great idea, even though so many of the assets and the first responders have been working on the flooding and the power outages and everything else and now they're going to be diverted to central park, the five buroughs for the running of the new york city marathon. >> gretchen: i think everybody understands the marathon brings in money to the economy in new york city and a lot of people feel like we'll lose all this money from the hurricane, so maybe this is a good idea. but come on. on its face when you still have people who are struggling so
5:40 am
dramatically, who have not one stitch of clothing on their back and now we're going to run into this dire situation with gas and food and flooding and you see some of these photos of these parents who have lost their children in this and you're going to pretend like that's not going on? you're going to run a race around these people? you're going to run a race around this flooding? something is wrong with that picture. >> eric: the initial decision was wrong to say we're going to go ahead and go forward with the marathon. but that doesn't mean it can't be corrected. there is some real assets that -- these generators, all the people involved. it would be really nice if the marathon donated all the volunteers to help and get food and fuel to the people who are in need right now. maybe bringing one of those generators or two out to staten island where literally, bodies are floating in some of the bodies of water. there is still time. mayor bloomberg can salvage this and say maybe we will postpone it. >> steve: those two generators could fire up 400 houses in
5:41 am
staten island. meanwhile, as we've been mentioning, parts of sandy getting even uglier. look at that right now. running on empty, we're talking about the gigantic gas lines. people need gas not only for their cars, but for their generators 'cause without the generators, they are going to get really cold. jill is live on long island with a look at the desperate situation there. >> yeah. it sure a desperate situation here in long island. look behind me. this is the second gas station that has closed down while we were out on location this morning. earlier, we had over a mile traffic back up here on the local streets. as we pan to the right, the situation is that people did not even realize they were out of gas. so we had to walk back there and tell a few of them, hey, you got to keep going, they're out of gas. a lot of people are frustrated. i spoke to one of the workers before and he said last night, there was a brawl. people actually fighting over the pump because there was a 20-gallon maximum. people also cutting other people
5:42 am
off and it's getting vicious and ugly out here. to the left, you could see another gas station there. there is about a two-mile stretch of six gas stations which are now closed. again, very difficult situation here that everybody is facing. they do need that fuel for their generators, for their cars. we wish them the best. back to you. >> steve: jill, real quick before you go, when you pulled up in the fox truck, how much was the gas at one of those stations? >> it was 5.99. this station in particular was 4.10. this is good. the other was 5.99. we're seeing a lot of this. a lot of gas stations increasing the price. >> steve: indeed. >> gretchen: thanks very much. coming up, you just saw the brand-new unemployment number up to 7.9%. wisconsin governor scott walker here to react next hey! did you know that honey nut cheerios
5:43 am
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5:46 am
to pay in-state tuition at state-run colleges. immigration attorney and vp of communications for the heritage foundation, mike gonzalez, debated the issue right here on "fox & friends." >> the fact that they're there doesn't make the in-state tuition go up for anybody or the out of state tuition for anybody either. if we exclude them, then you really create a void in the in-state tuition part which would make tuition go up higher. >> because a lot of illegal immigrants are minorities, they will then -- they will necessarily push out other students. >> eric: the difference in cost between in-state tuition and out of state tuition is about $12,000. he may be on president's jobs council, but he's still supporting mitt romney for president. the romney campaign announcing one of its latest backers is intel ceo paul otellini. he donated $55,000 to romney's campaign. in the past, he criticized the president for not doing more to
5:47 am
create jobs and for his stimulus plan. the president's jobs council hasn't met since january. gretch? >> gretchen: they're now in, the new monthly jobs report shows the unemployment up from 7.8 to 7.9%, with 171,000 new jobs created. so what impact will this have on voters heading to the polls next week? let's ask the governor of the critical state of wisconsin, governor scott walker joins me now. good morning to you, governor. >> good morning. good to be with you. >> gretchen: many economists predicted it would tick up slightly to 7.9% and that's exactly where we are. what kind of impact will it have? >> remember before last month we had 43 consecutive months at or above 8% and slight dip at 7.8. it's back up at 7.9 heading toward 8%. this is the highest unemployment the president has faced going into reelection since fdr. we know how things were, long before we were born. this is one of those where it has a tremendous impact in
5:48 am
wisconsin, iowa, ohio and states all across the country where the economies are critical, critical issue. i think if people look to the future, they realize the last four years haven't worked and that mitt romney is the only one with a plan to turn things around. >> gretchen: it's interesting because the early voting ends today in your state. last time around, i believe president obama won your state by 14 points. it wasn't even contention for john mccain. with the selection of paul ryan as the running mate for romney and many other factors, arguably what you've done for the state there some people would say, it's now a toss-up? >> well, it really is. poll after poll, it's about as close as a tie as you can get. 49-49 repeatedly in a number of polls out there. most importantly, the poll that's conducted on tuesday. you take all the work that was done early this year, where we made 4 1/2 million voter contacts in the state of 5.7 million. we had tens of thousands of volunteers help us in my election earlier this year. that excitement it happened on.
5:49 am
it certainly got accelerated when paul ryan was added to the ticket. not just because he's from wisconsin, but because in his district, which is evenly matched between republicans and democrats, there is there has always been a high level of respect even in the blue collar work class union towns like janesville because of the hard work paul ryan has done and will do. most importantly after that first debate in denver, we saw an increase in the polling, equally as important, an increase in volunteers after a tremendous performance that mitt romney gave where he really showed who he is. he's a job creator. he's a guy who can fix it. he's a guy who in massachusetts not only balanced a budget, did it without massive tax increases in a way that helped the economy grow in the private sector and did it while working with democrats and republicans alike. i think that's what people here in wisconsin, across the country want the next president to do. >> gretchen: very interesting analysis. governor walker is going to be sticking around because he's been talking to governor christie of new jersey. we'll ask him about that and hurricane sandy right after the
5:50 am
break. let's check in with bill hemmer for what's coming up. >> good morning to you. full reaction to the jobs number only four days before the big vote. where is mitt romney going the final weekend? this could tell us an awful lot about where the campaign is. fox news has new information on libya. where is the help in the northeast? short tempers out there. martha and i will see you in ten minutes on a friday edition of "america's newsroom." four days to go ♪ [ engine revs ] ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] the mercedes-benz winter event is back, with the perfect vehicle that's just right for you, no matter which list you're on. [ santa ] ho, ho, ho, ho! [ male announcer ] lease a 2013 c250 for $349 a month at your local
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5:53 am
>> steve: we continue the conversation now. he's in milwaukee, wisconsin. we're talking about the governor there, scott walker. i heard in a press conference with our governor in new jersey, chris christie, that he said he has received word from a number of governors, i understand that you've spoken to him a couple of times and wisconsin is trying to
5:54 am
help. >> yeah. i just talked to chris last night. i checked with him. he's doing a super job on the ground there. continuing to stay focused on new jersey and you've been seeing the images all morning and the last couple of days. we've sent about 750 people that are helping out with electricity, telecommunications. we got to right after the storm, all of our utilities together that do power and telecommunications and really the executive stepped up and said we're going to send crews out. we're continuing to send more out because talking to chris again last night, the biggest challenge is the lack of power. it's even why you got the problems with the gas lines, i believe, because you got to have electricity to pump the gas out of those stations. >> gretchen: yeah. i know. it's so interesting to see how people are copping from so far away. how are you getting these teams together? are they just willingly wanting to go? i know there is a good midwestern feeling of spirit as there is across the country. but how are you doing that? >> well, it's a combination of things. we got our executives together, some had actually had sent folks
5:55 am
out saturday in preparation for this. others started adding to it. we had some of the bigger utilities out front. we added some of the smaller utilities and some of the telecommunications companies have been sending crews out. they've got a mutual aid agreement with the utilities out on the east coast. they've been asking for more help. we've been trying to work with governor christie's office and governor cuomo's office and others to make sure we're sending them to the place where they're needed so they're not sitting around waiting, but they're going to places where the power lines are down. it seems to me that while everybody wants cell phone service, that's important. the most important thing of all, though, is getting the power back on because again, generators out, we got a loft generators coming out from wisconsin, a lot of companies here make them. if you can't get gas in them because the gas isn't pumped out because of the lack of electricity at these sites, that doesn't work as well. so we're helping out. i know wisconsin is not alone. there is a lot of other great governors across the country, both parties working to help out. it's one thing to have a photo
5:56 am
op as the president did with chris christie. but we need to continue to have that kind of help and that kind of focus. that's why i've been checking in with some of my fellow governors to see what kind of help we can give. >> steve: any help you can send. >> eric: from us, thank you very much for your help. >> a pleasure. >> gretchen: we'll talk to you again soon, governor. more "fox & friends," two minutes away we have big dreams. one is for a clean, domestic energy future that puts us in control. our abundant natural gas is already saving us money, producing cleaner electricity, putting us to work here in america and supporting wind and solar. though all energy development comes with some risk, we're committed to safely and responsibly producing natural gas. it's not a dream. america's natural gas... putting us in control of our energy future, now.
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♪ >> steve: before we go, country music's biggest stars gathered in nashville last night for the 46th annual cma awards. jason aldean kicked off the show. the big winner, blake shelton. he took home three trophy, including intertaper of the year. it's he's a friend of the show.

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